So nice to
meet you
 Aurélie McConville, 39 years old, the founder, has turned her optimism into a way of life, where everything is possible and determination is the key.
She knows how to find the right words at the right time, the right angles for the right media, punctuated by her laughter and her joie de vivre. For almost 15 years Aurélie has been putting her ideas and her network at the service of big brands or small designers. What motivates her more than anything else is sharing, living together, the human element and her passion for our ever-changing society, which she follows with a magnifying glass every day. Graduated in communication and applied literature at the Sorbonne, Aurélie is a curious person in love with culture.

A confirmed globe-trotter, travelling is as much a part of her life as her passion for foreign cultures. She has lived in the West Indies, California, New York and Ireland and speaks English perfectly well in her multicultural family. She also has a passion for decoration, architecture, all that is good and beautiful and the world of childhood. She is at ease in all universes, she likes beautiful hotels as much as bivouacs, an adaptability that she puts at the service of her clients.
Elle s’entoure de jeunes talents et d’attachées de presse, libres comme elle, de travailler avec ceux qu’elle aime, pour toujours et encore travailler avec passion.


Juliette est une heureuse Parisienne du XXem arrondissement qui se passionne pour les vins et l'art de vivre. Elle a vécu au Chili et en Pologne, rêve d'aller au Costa Rica et s'efforce de multiplier ses gestes eco-friendly.