Press Relations (french and european)

Working with AMRP* is a guarantee to grow with a partner who is in tune with the times and who makes optimism its way of life. We are a team of creatives with their feet on the ground who are enthusiastic about everything, an agency that believes in your projects allowing you to share with the world. Communicating the talents of young, innovative brands or those that have been making history for years and participating in what makes our society today and tomorrow, that is our passion. It is our clients who allow us to do what we really love, to spread the ideas that mark our time.

Moving forward with AMRP* is also the assurance of having a foot in several capitals: Paris, Marseille, Brussels, Geneva and London. We work with these 4 countries.
Working with us is also the assurance that you will often hear about travel, hotels, design, well-being, decoration, food, the world of childhood, our Art De Vivre so to speak, our speciality.

To be at the heart of what makes our world today, to be seen, heard, followed and read, bet on PR.

Choosing the agency is the certainty of being in the right media at the right time, with the right words and the right tone. To always have communication plans that are brimming with optimism because here, we always aim for the moon, to reach the stars. Hundreds of text messages, emails, trips, meals, shared memories bring us together with the journalists we love to talk to because we always have good news to share with them. With us, they click and pick up without hesitation. We work with all categories of media (web, paper, radio, TV, podcast) in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK. We also organize events.


Because today the world likes to express itself in public, we take every means of communication seriously, more than the press, people get their information by listening to those who like to share on the networks and in podcasts. They are now an integral part of our distribution network. With influencers or artists, our role is to create your constellation of influence.


We are here to tell a story (yours) around your project. Writing, finding the right words and formulas is our passion. Press releases, press kits, brochures and all designed by our team.


We can also provide you with a study plan of your competitors, propose you a positioning, permanent advice, a study of the quarterly trends in France or elsewhere in Europe.

Our partners

Community Manager, to provide creative posts, and find the right people to follow you. We have the solution. Or press officers from the end of the world, for your international campaigns.